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We are a rapidly expanding and exciting export\Import company owned and operated by young, dynamic professionals. We are one of the leading exporters\Importers of food and non food products  covering cyprus, Spain baltic islands, Asia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt and Yemen.
FBN International has great buying power due to the number of countries we operate in. This allows us to provide competitive and professional service to both our customers and suppliers. As a result we have become the primary source of Uk Products & American products for the ex pat makers

What Makes Us Different?

  • FBN International has many years experience in export to the Ex pat markets  and has in-house translation and date coding facilities which allow us to turn shipments around rapidly.
  • Goods are Palletised carefully to maximize the space efficiency in the shipment, ensuring that the goods arrive in a good condition.
  • We have built a good relationship with various shipping lines which enables us to offer our customers competitive rates.
  • We can obtain all necessary documents such as Health Certificate, Certificate of Free of Sale and Certificate of Origin (Arab or European).
  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we endeavor to constantly offer a professional service.

What is the meaning of EX PAT …??

An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing, as an immigrant, in a country other than that of their citizenship. The word comes from the Latin terms ex (“out of”) and patria (“country, fatherland”). In common usage, the term is often used in the context of professionals or skilled workers sent abroad by their companies.Expatriation may also mean exile or denationalization or renunciation of allegiance.The U.S. Expatriation Act of 1868 said in its preamble,’the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’Early Nazi Germany deprived many opponents of their  citizenship, such  as Albert Einstein, Oskar Maria Graf, Willy Brandt and Thomas Mann,  often expatriating entire families. The  continuing shift in expatriates has often been difficult  to  measure  and available figures often include  economic migrants. According to UN statistics,more than 232 million  people, that is 3.2% of the world  population, live outside  of  their home country in 2013.In terms of influx of expatriates,  among the most popular expatriate destinations are for several  years Germany, Belgium, France,  Spain and  Russia in Europe,  Canada and the USA in North America, the UAE, Kuwait and Oman, Singapore and Hong Kong in Asia, Australia and  New Zealand, as well as South Africa which is the most popular expat destination in Africa.

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